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We only use environmentally friendly practices and products when cleaning and maintaining your floor.

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We at MA Maintenance understand that "cleanliness" is of paramount importance to patients and the public, and has a role to play in the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections. This would include cleaning entrance/exit areas, internal/external stairways, common areas, exam rooms, patient rooms, restrooms, operating rooms and kitchens, etc. It would also reflect the changing needs of your health care facility, and meet current Health & Safety policies & standards, and infection control requirements, as well as environmental guidelines.


With the assurance of a clean facility, you can provide your patients with medical services they need without worrying about unexpected health and safety hazards. MA Maintenance is fully licensed, insured and bonded to guarantee the best service possible. We offer customizable cleaning services so you can get the kind of cleaning you need, so whether you need a weekly deep clean or daily. At MA Maintenance, we only use the latest cleanig products and tools to get the job done right.


We are a team of creative, dedicated, organized and skilled cleaners who guarantee desired results within the speculated time. Our services will show you growth and progress in your work aoproach, as a clean environment acts as an encouraing factor for your medical professionals.


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  • Completely acquainted with your cleaning requirements

  • Years of experience to give your most expected outcome

  • Know how to deal with medical waste